Smarter medical notes

We make medical reporting faster and better.  
Our application is the easiest way for capturing structured data. We reduce the administrative burden for clinicians and facilitate clinical data analysis for researchers.

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Structured Data Capture

Our user-friendly note-taking interface guides clinicians to create smarter medical notes leveraging terminologies such as SNOMED CT. Experience the convencience of a single registration with, generating both human-readable reports and coded data. Streamline your medical documentation and data management!

Get insights in just a few clicks

Effortlessly export data to FHIR, OMOP, Excel or text format, depending on the needs of your organization. Use our APIs to ensure seamless integration and experience a tailored user experience. Standardized qualitative data is now ready for analysis or can be coupled to real-time dashboards. 

Faster medical administration

"Thanks to the note editor of, I can spend more time with my patients"

Save time

Our suggestion algorithm auto-completes medical documents as you type and reduces  the time needed. This technology is integrated across all our templates.

Medical forms. Reinvented.

We've redesigned traditional form components specific to medical use. This allows you to quickly configure  new forms. Thanks to the use of modular building blocks, you can rearrange and adapt templates to your workflow.

Smart suggestions

User feedback and contextual information are combined to provide the best suggestions. We learn as you type and in moments our tool fits like a glove!

Loved by developers

Create Medical Insights

Does one size fit all? We believe there is a need for specialized medical dashboards. Data scientists can directly use the data generated by our note editor to create insights with their preferred tools.

Standardised data models

Clinicians' input is structured and coded in real time into standardized data models. This enables data export in FHIR and OMOP-CDM compatible formats. 🔥

Easy integration with EHRs.

Our tool can easily be integrated with existing IT infrastructure. This allows clinicians to work smoothly with all information in one place without ever leaving the EHR.

"My work consisted mostly of struggling to find clinical data of sufficient quality and understanding different data formats. With I can focus on my analyses."